Take These Steps to Get the Most Out of Powder Coating in Washington

Powder coating is a type of metal finish that offers vibrant color, long-lasting durability and a high degree of quality over other types of finishes. People choose powder coating for car parts, city signs, outdoor railing, furniture, artwork and so much more. The powder coating process involves a series of pretreatment steps, followed by rinsing the parts, drying them in an oven, coating the parts with a powder made up of charged particles and then curing the parts to set the powder coating. The powder adheres to the parts because of its electrostatic charge.

If you’ve seen powder coated parts and items before and you want to take advantage of powder coating in Washington yourself, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are getting the best finish possible:

  • Disassemble the item: The very first thing you should do when you intend to powder coat an item is disassemble it. This will ensure a complete coating for each part of the component that you are finishing. In addition, any components of the part that are made of rubber or plastic or have gaskets or wiring should be removed, since these will likely melt during the baking process.
  • Remove grease and dirt: In preparation for the powder coating process, you will need to remove any grease, dirt, oil and grime. You can use any standard degreaser so long as it is safe for the metal that you are working with. Once you’ve applied the grease and dirt removal product, scrub it with nylon brushes for a thorough clean.
  • Strip the paint: You will need to use a paint remover or paint stripper to completely remove any and all paint that is on the part.
  • Sandblast: In order to ensure that your powder coating will adhere properly to the surface of the item, sandblasting will be necessary. You should sandblast every area of the part, making sure to be thorough in order to maintain consistency on the surface of the component.
  • Clean the surface: You can use an acetone- or phosphate-based cleaner in order to thoroughly cleanse your part’s surface.
  • Hang the parts: You can hang your parts up on hooks in preparation for the first coat of primer that you will apply.
  • Apply your base coat: Choose a primer with the specific metal that you will be working with in mind, and then apply it to your part.
  • Choose a top coat: The top coats available with powder coating range widely in color, texture and quality, so take your time to pick the one that you like best.

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