Four Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Metal to Keep Your Residential Powder Coating in Preston, WA Looking Great

When you want a finishing option for your metal patio furniture or other metal yard structures that is both protective and visually appealing, the right solution may be powder coating. It’s also durable, and because this method of coating is free of dangerous chemicals, it’s also environmentally friendly. Whether you’ve already coated your outdoor metal pieces or are planning to do so, here are four maintenance tips to keep your residential powder coating in Preston, WA looking great for years to come.

Avoid damage to metal coatings

It’s important to preserve metal coatings by avoiding wear and tear that’s not associated with age. For example, keep from slamming metal powder coated lawn chairs together when stacking and get help moving a table instead of risking damage from dragging and drops. It’s also recommended that you cover decorative yard elements before mowing the lawn in the event that rocks are kicked up. Also, are your deck hand railings and adjoining brass spiral staircase perfect and smooth? They won’t be for long if heavy items are dragged or clinked along the sides.

Protect from the elements

Although your outdoor metal items are powder coated, that doesn’t mean you should leave them to succumb to ravaging weather. Extreme heat, whipping winds and heavy snow are all capable of destroying metal with abandon, which can happen over time or in a single season. You need to cover patio and deck furniture with coverings made of a strong weather resistant material to minimize exposure to the elements, regardless of whether it’s sitting under a covered space or out in the open. Consider storing these pieces in a shed during harsh weather. Metal backyard stairways and other metal structures also need protective coverings.

Clean regularly

So you’ve contracted someone to perform residential powder coating in Preston, WA in an effort to preserve your outdoor metal pieces. Aside from covering or storing to protect against the elements, you also need to plan regular cleanings, which is quite a simple task when done as preventative maintenance. This is easy to do at home. Start by spraying metal furniture, structures or objects down with the hose. Use a sponge to wipe down with a gentle mixture of warm water and a non-abrasive liquid detergent, and then rinse thoroughly with water. Dry with a cloth or leave to air dry in the sun.

Refinish pieces

Let’s say you found a lovely patio set at a thrift store, but its paint has seen better days. Or maybe you recently bought a brand new set in a style you like, but you’ve discovered that the color just doesn’t add to the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. These scenarios are perfect reasons to refinish metal furniture. A good sandblasting is needed ahead of powder coating to remove any and all evidence of original colors or to clean away rust that may have taken hold over unprotected spots on metal.

At Powder Vision Inc., we know just how important it is to you to keep your outdoor living spaces clean and looking like new. Contact us today for specific services related to commercial or residential powder coating in Preston, WA.