Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA Touch More Industries Than You Think

Powder coating services in Preston, WA have been and continue to become one of the more prevalent services that span across industries of all types. For those who don’t know about or realize what powder coating is, it’s likely that you’ve come into contact with a product that’s been touched by it and for those who understand what it is, it’s likely because it’s a part of your industry!

Take a look at why powder coating has become such a reliable staple in industries far and wide, as well as some of the industries that utilize it as part of their everyday processes:

Benefits of powder coating

Durable. Powder coating is tremendously durable when applied to surfaces thanks much in part to the composition of the many finishes available, as well as the way they’re applied: with an electrostatic charge. Once applied, a powder coat isn’t going to chip, crack, flake or peel and is generally good for the life of the object being coated, even under heavy duress.

Safeguards the environment. Powder coating is a 100 percent green process, with no solvents or harmful chemicals that need to be factored in. In fact, even the residual powder that’s not used during the coating process is recycled, to be used again in another application! Best of all, there are no VOC materials anywhere to be found in the process.

Saves money. For the price of powder coating something, you’re likely going to pay a much higher price to have it protected or aesthetically improved in other ways. Powder coating is truly cost effective and highly affordable, ensuring that you’re not left with a hefty bill for a service that’s not even as effective!

What industries utilize powder coating services in Preston, WA?

Appliance industry. Have you ever noticed the clean, pristine shine of appliances? This isn’t a plastic coating or a polymer sealant—it’s powder coating at its finest! No matter the color of your washing machine, the finish of your fridge or the pattern on your dishwasher, powder coating is playing a role in helping your appliances to maintain their aesthetic and stand up to heavy wear and tear on a daily basis.

Automotive industry. Powder coating is an optimal treatment choice for vehicle parts because of its profound resilience. Between the road debris, weather conditions, high heat and constant wear and tear, auto makers are reliant on powder coating to keep their products looking great at all times. And, for those who seek to customize their vehicles, powder coating is perfect for rims, exhaust systems, bumpers and other metallic components.

And more. Just about any finished metal product that you can think of today comes into contact with a powder coating process somewhere during its creation and for good reason: this method of finishing and protecting metal is far and above the superior choice! From the lawn chairs that you enjoy on a hot summer’s day to the grill you’re cooking on, to the utensils that you’ll sit down to the table with, powder coating is everywhere around you!

Powder coating is quickly becoming the preferred method of coating metal items. So if you are in the need of coating metal products, contact your local powder coating services in Preston, WA can get going on your next project today!