Five Restorative Uses for Powder Coating in Preston, WA

Metal items are constructed to be resilient, strong and sustainable, but that’s not always the case after years and years of abuse. Whether it’s something like an automotive component that sees daily wear and tear or patio furniture that might bear the brunt of the elements, sometimes our metal objects need a little restorative finish to bring them back to life. Take a look at five difference restorative uses for powder coating in Preston, WA and how this simple process can breathe a second wind into these common ailments:

  1. Bike restoration: These days, vintage bikes are all the rage! The only problem is that your old Schwinn from 1976 or a vintage Trek bike may be looking a little worse for the wear and functioning in a lackluster manner. Having the frame powder coated will bring it back to a useable state and will lend some strength to it so that you’re able to pedal around town like a champ.
  2. Restoring metal furniture: Whether it’s indoor pool furniture or outdoor patio furniture, if it’s made of metal, it’s likely going to need some TLC after years of being used. Metal furniture can succumb to moisture in the air, dents and dings, as well as a number of other variables that can create structural defects, leading to problem areas. Powder coating can alleviate some of these issues to restore your metal furniture to its highest level of excellence.
  3. Restoring exterior fixtures: Have a metal gate on your property that’s looking a little worse for the wear? How about a lamppost or a metal bird bath that’s lost its allure after years of degradation? Restore these things with powder coating in Preston, WA and watch as your landscape is brought back to life, studded with objects that shine like new!
  4. Restoring your vehicle: While powder coating in Preston, WA doesn’t pertain to the painting of a vehicle or its body, it does apply to different metal components of the vehicle, such as rims or the exhaust system. And, if you’re restoring an old car and want to maintain the original components that it came with, powder coating is a great way to preserve its authenticity.
  5. Restore machine components: Machines, typically factory implements, suffer tremendous wear and tear and can cost large sums of money to fix when the parts begin to wear. Rather than succumb to constant wear and tear, why not restore and protect at-risk components with a powder coating? This is a great way to reduce overall wear and extend the life of a component.

These are just five restorative uses for powder coating in Preston, WA—the possibilities are nearly endless and more uses for powder coating are discovered each and every day. If you’ve got a metal item and want to enhance its resilience, appeal and sustainability, consider the prospect of a professional powder coating today!